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Dog Day Care & Dog Walkers Hayle, Cornwall

Dogs from the Hayle area of Cornwall are welcome at DogCareCornwall. Many owners opt to have their dog collected and returned later in the day by us.

Dog Walks on Hayle Beach

Dog owners looking for dog day care will no doubt be familiar with Gwithian Beach a favourite spot for dog walks. DogCareCornwall is located not far from the beautiful beaches and sand dunes near Hayle in Cornwall.

Doggy Fun and Exercise Hayle, Cornwall

Dogs in our care enjoy open spaces away from busy roads; perfect for your dog to run free, with your permission, in the company of other dogs for playful exercise and doggy fun.

Responsible Dog Care Hayle Cornwall

We are mindful that Hayle beaches and sand dunes are hugely popular with walkers and dog walkers alike, being places of natural beauty. We exercise dogs in our care responsibly and with consideration for others.

Responsible Dog Walkers Hayle

We restrict the number of dogs in each group we walk and the number let off their lead (with each owner's permission) to run free on the beaches at Hayle and surrounding areas. We will not let dogs in our care out of our sight to ensure your dog is safe and doesn't get up to mischief and to maintain a reputation for being responsible, caring dog walkers and carers.

DogCareCornwall Collection and Return service - Hayle area

Dogs from Hayle and the surrounding area - we'll collect your dog from your home in the morning and return your dog, happy and relaxed, having been exercised regularly throughout the day in the evening.